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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I missed you, home!

What a way to start off my trip back home...
It didn't rain at all the past week I was here in Toronto, and the sky decides to pour rain down like there is no tomorrow as I was dragging my luggages to the shuttle bus stop today.
My luggage was soaked. All my clothes inside were wet. The water soaked through my carry-on bag, through the little baggie I kept my passport in, and into my passport. Every single page of it.

On the way to the airport, there was really bad traffic.
The estimated 40 minutes to the airport became an hour and a half. I arrived at the airport literally like 5 minutes before boarding...
Thank god Abel was there, waiting for me at the airport and has helped me check in beforehand.

I'm just glad we are both home safe.
I missed Vancouver so much.
Home, sweet home =]

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