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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beautiful Hong Kong

Another view at beautiful Hong Kong's night, but this time, from the top of a mountain instead of inside a lounge ;D

This picture, obviously, does not do the view any justice because we didn't have any fancy cameras. In fact, my camera is so crappy that I had to take pictures with my iphone instead =_=

A picture of meeeee and the view...
It looks like I'm glowing lol

Group pic =]

It started to rain not too long after we took pics, so we had to leave.
The next time (if there is a next time) I go back there, I will make sure to have a better camera with me.

After the feast for our eyes, it's a feast for our tummies.
Dessert at Honeymoon Desserts!

"Yerng gi gum lo" with vanilla ice cream.

Same as above, but with green tea ice cream.

"Lerng fun" and durian + green tea ice cream

I had no idea what this was lol
Coconut milk and some seeds?

Because I was lazy and didn't update frequently, now I have a ton of updates to do...

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