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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ocean Park - Old Hong Kong

I wanted to wait until I got all the pictures from everyone before I blog about Ocean Park, but I'm too impatient haha.
SO... I went to Ocean Park with some friends and it was an awesome day to go there. First of all, the weather was great. It had rained the couple of days before we decided to go, so it wasn't too blazing hot on the day we went there. Also, because it was a Tuesday, there were very few people (talking in Hong Kong standards of "few", of course.)
A group pic at the entrance =]

Huge fountain right after you enter the park.

We walked around and in the goldfish exhibit area, there was a board where you can make wishes.
Guess what my wish was... (I'm so shallow lol)

Ocean park has built a new area called old Hong Kong and it lets you walk through the culture of Hong Kong back in the 1950's - 1970's (I think).

I thought the Old Hong Kong street was amazing. It felt like we went back in time and I absolutely loved it. I don't know why, but I love the 50's.

Look at this adorable bus XD

Veggies, anyone?

We took tons more pictures, but I don't have them on my camera since my battery died...

After the walk through old Hong Kong, we took the cable car up the mountain, where the roller coasters and the other things were.
During the ride, it was super windy... My hair was going crazy inside the cable car.

My friends were going to take a picture of me with my hair flying up like a medusa, but once they were about to take the photo, troll wind blew my hair all over my face and my face was completely covered.

I thought this picture was super hilarious:

Anyway, sorry for only blogging about my days. If my posts are boring you, no worries, because I'm editing pics for a nail tutorial (finally) ;)

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