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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Like the good times...

A little get-together with close friends tonight.
Our first stop was "satay king" to shut our grumbling tummies up.

I don't remember the names of the dishes, but I will try to tell you what they were lol.

This was a Vietnamese style dish. Pork inside and shredded pork on top.

Mango fried rice

Lobster soup...
it looked so much better on the menu lol

Deep-fried Hokkaido milk/cream and cheese balls


Shrimp spring rolls, which I found to lack flavor.

"Portuguese style" baked veggies

This one was interesting...
Baked gyozas in tomato and cheese sauce.

At the end, they gave us a free bottle of XO sauce =D

It was a neat little place and I liked how you can order lots of dishes to share and try so many different things.

After dinner, we went to Wooloomooloo for some drinks.
I don't know if it's just me, but I find the name so cute and funny lol. It's like something that a baby says.

And our drinks =D

The best part of the lounge was that it had a fantastic view!

Blurry group pic taken by the server...

The lounge was so dark...
I had left my phone on the menu and when the server grabbed the menu, she dropped my phone on the floor... and my iphone case has a huge crack in it now =(

I'm upset about it, but I can't really blame her since it was so dark in there. The menu was black, and my phone was black. Sigh.

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