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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Styling a very oversized sweater

Here's the story:
I have purchased a few sweaters from BCBG Max Azria before, and their size XXS had always been okay for me. I saw their Nevena sweater and thought it was really cute to wear as a sweater dress (given my short height), so I bought it without trying it on. In fact, I was so confident that there would be nothing wrong with the fitting that I ripped off and threw away the tags before trying the sweater on. And guess what... SURPRISE! The sweater fits way too big on me. Congratulations =_=".
I bought this back in either October or November but didn't wear it because it was too big on me. I tried to sell it back online but had no luck... Lacking the ability to sew, I took a gamble with the dryer haha.
I threw the sweater in the dryer for a short amount of time, hoping it will shrink... and it did, but just a tiny bit. I was scared that if I let the dryer shrink it anymore, the whole shape of the sweater will change too, so I worked with what I got.

I finally decided to wear the sweater out, and this was how it looked on me:

It was still too big for me, but at least it was a little better than before.
The length was still a little longer than I'd like even though I wanted to wear it as a sweater dress.

So, I tried it on with a belt...

With the belt, the sweater was lifted a bit so the length was not as long.

Or... I can just wear a scarf to add more "detail" to the outfit.
It somehow distracts the eye and takes the attention off the size of the sweater.

Or... just wear a very distracting animal hat-scarf-mitten thing so no one will even be thinking about how big the sweater is...

I decided to go with the last option haha

Also, camwhore time with my bear hat-scarf-mitten thing.

Whoever came up with that idea to integrate a hat, scarf and mittens all in one is a genius.

Anyway, in case you are interested in the sweater, it is on sale now:

On another note... I am welcoming the new year with a new look (despite already chopping off my long hair a few months ago).
I am now a blondie ;D
Will post pictures in the next post!

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