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Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base SPF22 PA+

I have been busy ever since school started again and I haven't been out much, so I'm going to do a review post today!

Here is the Laneige Snow Crystal Dual Base SPF22 PA+:
That is not the normal retail size for this product. However, I got a few of these tester bottles as gifts from buying Laneige products a while back, so I just used the tester bottles.
And this product comes in three colors: (10) shimmer white, (40) skin pink, and (60) light green - which is the color I tried.

The bottle has a pump that dispenses the base.

And at the top of the cap, it has a "brightening balm" that is supposed to act as a tool for highlighting your skin:

My blurb:
I used this as sunscreen, and the base is very light and it doesn't feel like I've clogged my skin up after applying it, and it doesn't make your skin look greasy despite having SPF - unlike many sunscreens haha. It also has a very light scent that smells really nice. The base goes on green, but blends very easily and will not make you look green lol. In fact, it is effective in taking away some of the extra redness on my face (areas like around my nose and my forehead). I have tried applying make-up on top of this and it doesn't cause my make-up to blend any worse =]
The brightening balm, though, did not really do much for me. It had a slight shimmering effect on areas where you apply it, but I won't say that it is an effective tool for highlighting skin/face. Other than that, I didn't find anything bad about this product.

Since I had quite a positive experience with this product, I want to try Laneige Skin Veil Base SPF 26 PA+, since it claims to act as a primer too (plus, I don't need the extra brightening balm that comes with the Snow Crystal Dual Base anyway).

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