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Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Journal 3

Let me start this entry off with a super duper cute photo...

Kitty in a sink!
Haha. I guess Mitten decided to chill in the sink on a hot afternoon. We've had pretty warm weather the past week or so.

I've also been trying to do other things with my hair because I totally do not know to how style short short hair other than just blow-drying it and making it look like it's not stuck to my scalp.

Pigtails. Yes, that was the best I came up with.
Hey, at least it can save a bad hair day... I guess ;D

After 24 days of just work, school and doing assignments, I had this weekend free to do my own things!
The shopaholic in me told me it was time for some money-spending...

The next day, I had a nice lunch and more shopping (although I didn't buy anything this time) with Ricey.
Holy crap... was I happy to see her. I was desperately in need of social/friend interactions! TuT

We saw these crazy adorable Halloween costumes at Old Navy! I really want to see kids wear these (no pedo-ness intended)!

After doing this photo journal, I realize how much of a no-life I have been since school started. I have not been anywhere except for school, work, and some occasional other places on the way if I have errands to do. I honestly cannot wait for this term to be over.. but I'm still in the first month of the term D= 

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