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Monday, October 1, 2012

Nails: Monochrome with a hint of color

Welcoming October with new nails!
This design was inspired by another design I saw in a magazine, which had black and white rhinestones. However, the design in the magazine was much fancier. I decided to do something more simple because I didn't want as many rhinestones.

So... here is the final result:
Monochrome, with a hint of color.

In person, the nails have a slight hint of champagne/gold (in the glitters) and a tiny bit of beige.

And a photo of my nails and a kitty paw haha

These nails were very simple and easy to do. If you are interested, please keep reading for the tutorial!

STEP 1: White base color.
Put on your choice of white nail polish as the base color.
I chose Essie's Instant Hot as my white because this color was not BAM!, white-out white. It also has a very, very subtle shimmer =D

STEP 2: Apply shimmer/glitter half way.
Choose a shimmer/glitter polish that is either silver or is subtle in color, and apply to the top half of your nails.
I used OPI for Sephora's Wild About Shimmer. It is a sheer polish with champagne gold shimmer.

STEP 3: Add black and silver/clear rhinestones.
Now, bling your nails with rhinestones!
I thought it would look better to have more clear/silver rhinestones than the black ones, but of course, this is preference, you can add however much of whatever color you want.

Lastly: Hold something.
Lastly, and optional, is hold something in your hand and take pictures lol!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have had a great start to a new month =]

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