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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo Journal 2

First of all... This stupid top I had ordered finally arrived. The store (which I will not name, but if you recognize the top then you will know) has such bad communication between employees and customers (namely, me lol) that I had to wait a month for a top to arrive. And that was not the first time that particular store has caused me such inconvenience. I don't think I will be returning for a while...
On the bright side, though, I'm loving the top XD

A party night. Photos with my dear chch... and then I got thrown into the pool =_=.
I even took the extra effort to do my hair that night, but I guess I shouldn't have!

I finally organized my accessories! =D... well, most of them. I still have a bit left.

Also went to a water park!
Being the only girl there gave me the advantage of not having to carry those huge tube things up flights of stairs. Bwahahaha >=]

Omg yum yum yum cupcakes!
Sorry for the bad pic quality. I was too eager to eat them and I didn't bother making them look beautiful on my phone lol

Honey!! So much honey. And so many flavors of honey.
I bought so many of those honeystix... which is basically honey in plastic tubes. But I wanted to try one of each flavor so I bought quite a few lol

And I bought a new power skirt XD

On a blazing hot day, I heard an ice cream truck... so I ran outside like a kid and I bought this delicious treat =9

And lastly, I bought new hats for the summer... but it's nearing the end of August already. I should have bought them sooner so I could get more wear out of them.

A big hat haha

And this one... I still have not worn it out yet.

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