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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little peek from my birthday

I had my birthday party (a while ago lol) that I did not post about, so here comes the birthday post!

The day before, I did my nails (this post) so I can show them off hahaha!

Starting off my evening no better... Jackie surprised me with a bunch of balloons! He got tons of yellow balloons because I like yellow. And coincidentally, I was wearing yellow that night, so this photo looks extremely yellow lol.

I went to have dinner at Seasons in the Park with a bunch of my close friends... I wish I could invite everyone to the restaurant...

We were going to cut my cake at the restaurant, but it had to be frozen so we couldn't bring it. Instead, we cut it right away when we got back to my place. (And I also changed into more comfortable clothing once I got home haha)

Here's a mini group picture during my cake-cutting!
Since it was an ice-cream cake (yum yum), we couldn't wait too long to cut it or it would've melted. Lots of other people arrived after the cake was cut =P

Making a wish... cutting my cake!

Looking back at the photos from the night, I realized I did not get a group picture of everyone who attended my party and celebrated with me =(

But I do have this super awesome girly pic that Ching sent to me!
I love how happy we look in the pic and I love these girls <3

I took tons of pics with other people individually, but most of the pics turned out looking so crazy... I don't want to post anything here that other people will not approve of, so I'll keep them to myself lol

To sum up, I had a super awesome birthday! I got to spend it and celebrate another sadly aging year with people I love <3
Although the after-math and clean up was pretty horrible, it was all worth it XP

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