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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Korean Pork Cutlet

There is this Korean restaurant called Dae Ji that specializes in pork cutlets that my friend brought me to years ago. It was love at first bite and I love that restaurant! Sadly, it is located super far from where I live and there isn't really a mall or anything close to the restaurant, so going all the way there to eat and going home seems like a big hassle.

However!!!... Jackie was nice enough to come all the way to school with me, so I brought him to this restaurant (which is kinda close to the school) XD

Dae Ji's signature pork cutlet
I am super picky with my meats, especially pork, because I find that meats have a weird smell and taste when it is not fresh. I normally don't eat pork, but I like their pork cutlets =D

Omelette Rice
Something I loved from this restaurant from years ago and I was so glad they still have this on the menu!

On a completely different note,...
I got a twitter account because Jackie made it sound so cool lol. I think twitter is great to use when you want to stalk celebs or stars. It's a great way to connect with people who you otherwise cannot communicate with.
And yes, I know, I am so slow to this twitter thing. I'm still poking around to see how it works.

My twitter is @glass_kiwi if you guys wanna follow on my pointless tweets! Haha!

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