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Sunday, January 15, 2012

CHI exclusive flat iron

I was planning to get a KQC mini flat iron, but they were sold out at three different salons that I had went to check out.
At one of the salons, the receptionist recommended me the CHI flat iron. I told her that I straighten (or curl) my hair practically every single day, so she suggested that I get this brand because it is very durable and works really well.

I took her word of advice.
I was about to grab the plain, original CHI flat iron, but another box caught my eye...

The Red and Gold Feather CHI Flat Iron:
I think this was supposed to be an exclusive for the holidays.
The colors were so pretty... plus this was on sale for about $100. Woohoo!

The package came with a free heat protecting spray.

Look at the design on the flat iron.
So pretty! It also resembles Chinese New Year... which is coming up LOL

And the letters CHI in rhinestones!

I am going to keep practicing curling my hair with this for the next week or so... so I can be good at curling my hair with this flat iron since I wanna curl my hair for dine out =D
If I succeed, I will brag about it in future posts.

Have you guys tried any CHI flat irons before?
Do you guys curl your hair with a flat iron or a curling iron?

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