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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Boston Pizza + Pose Posh Post's Giveaway

I have not been to Boston Pizza for a while.
Jackie and I went there for dinner a few days ago (I think it was a few days?) and we saw that they had a special menu for the holidays =D
However, since I already had something to eat before we went there, I didn't order an entree.

Here's Jackie's entree, though:

Chicken and Mushroom Fettucini
I thought that this dish had an uneven proportion of pasta and sauce.
It seemed to have too little sauce so I found the pasta a bit dry.

I tried the soup from the special holidays menu.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumkin Soup
I liked how this came with nuts on the top so there's a bit of a crunch in the soup.
Compared to White Spot's Pumpkin Soup, though, I think this one is sweeter than I'd like... but then again, they are different soups - one has squash and the other doesn't. But they're similar.

I was also really thirsty and craving for something slushy.
So I tried a Peach Smoothie.

This smoothie came like this initially:
The crystals on the rim of the cup is actually salt.
When I drank it, I thought the drink tasted a little strange - a little salty, in fact.
At first, I thought the salt from the rim had fallen in and made the drink salty... but I realized that I was drinking from the bottom of the cup so that shouldn't be the case.
I asked the server and he said that they did put salt in the drink because they usually put salts in alcoholic drinks, but since mine was virgin, the addition of salt in there made the taste strange.

So he gave me a new one - without salt.

Anyway... that was my little Boston Pizza dinner adventure.

Now I'll talk about something not related.

Pose Posh Post is hosting a generous giveaway on her blog!

She is giving away a YSL lipstick + necklace + a lovely clutch.
Go check out her giveaway as well as her blog ^_^

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