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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Korean food + dessert trial

I had a random, but good day today XD
I got to get off work early, so I had time to go shop around before the malls closed. And then I found exactly what I was looking for (a 3-tier cake stand) in the first place I looked. (I'll explain the cake stand in a bit.)
After a satisfying shopping trip, I had a sudden craving for Korean seafood pancake lol... so Jackie and I went to eat Korean food.

Here's the Seafood Pancake I was craving for =D

We also ordered Seafood Yaki Udon:

Both dishes were very yum yum =D
I was glad I had that craving so we got to try the yaki udon haha.

Now, to explain the 3-tier cake stand I bought today...
I have been playing this game on my iphone, and as stupid as this may sound... it made me want to make food. I had a really strong urge to make desserts lol!
So... I decided to host a lunch gathering early next week. It's going to be like a mini tea party...

Because I am not the most experienced cook ever, I wanted to do some trials before the party day to make sure I can get at least some things to turn out right.
Yesterday, I decided to test out my skills at candied apples and fruit tarts.

Candied Apple Slices

Apple slices drizzled first with crunchy caramel

Then splattered in chocolate...
Yes, the apples looked kinda gross after the chocolate but they tasted good lol

Strawberry & Mango Fruit Tart
I cheated a bit here... the tart shells were store bought haha

The apple slices and the tarts turned out pretty decent... I may have to think of a way to improve the look of the candied apples though.
I'll be doing more trials during this week and hopefully, my friends won't be feeling sorry for themselves when they come over for the food XP

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