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Sunday, November 6, 2011

BCBG sale event

Hi lovelies!

Guess what I discovered...
There's a friends and family event going on at BCBG (link). There's a 30% off regular price items right now =D
If you shop on the site, shipping is free for the regular priced items. I'm not sure if the promotion is on at the US stores, but the sale is not happening at the Canadian stores - or at least not yet. Therefore, I'm listing out the items in US dollars, in case you are wondering why. (The prices are more expensive in Canadian stores...)

Here are some of my good finds (at least I think they are good finds haha):

Opaque Tights (4 colors)
$15US --> $10.50 (some colors are $18 for some reason)
Not much I can say about this. One of those essentials you must have in your wardrobe. I just think it's such a good deal now that it's 30% off ;)

Fae Lace Top (black or white)
$88US --> $61.60
I loved this top at first sight. It looks much prettier in person than in the pictures.
Funny thing about me wearing this is because I am so petite, this top can pass as a dress for me lol... which I like.

This is what I mean:
(Here's me wearing the top + the opaque tights.)

Hahaha. See how long it is on me? XD

Rabbit-Fur Earmuffs (black or white)
$38US --> $26
Love these earmuffs! They are so super soft because they are made of rabbit fur (yes, kinda cruel in a way). But I'm deciding on whether or not I should get them since I have a very similar pair of white furry earmuffs.

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