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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheese menu at Denny's

OMG! Denny's has a Let's Get Cheesy menu! I don't know how long this menu's been here, but I'm glad it's here. I love cheese <3
Jackie and I discovered that Denny's has this new menu when we went there around 3am in the morning last time. Don't ask why we went there in the middle of night (or should I say early morning?). Because it was so late, we didn't get to order full courses... We didn't want to feel any more guilty than we did lol.

So here we are again... back at Denny's, for a second round of cheese =]

The Super Bird
The sandwiches were nothing exceptional... Not worth $10 for this dish, but the seasoned fries were very good.
If you've ever had the curly fries at Arby's, that's what Denny's seasoned fries taste like... except they're not curly.

Cheese Please Omelette
Hohoho! So yummy.
I found the hash browns to be unevenly seasoned... some parts were extremely salty whereas other parts had no salt at all. But anyway... on to the omelette...

Look at all this cheese! The omelette is smothered with cheese sauce on top and has a thick layer of melted cheddar cheese inside.

And you can't end a dinner without dessert... so even though we were both super full already, I ordered dessert lol.

Hot Fudge Brownie A La Mode
Chocolately goodness. Magic in my mouth right here.
Brownie melts in your mouth and the chocolate sauce makes it even more chocolaty!

What a satisfying dinner. I had two of my favorite things in this world together in one meal; cheese and chocolate.
Just when we were finishing our dessert, I saw this cute little advertisement for their new dessert on the Let's Get Cheesy menu:

I guess to go with the cheesy theme, they even had a cheesy pick up line to go with it haha.
It sounds really yummy, though. I think I'm gonna be back to try that XP

Thanks for reading this fattening post!

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