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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween '11

I know... what an original title, right?
So... for those who were wondering what I was going to dress up as this Halloween, here comes the big surprise (not really)...



...I was a not-so-geisha-looking-geisha lol!

Here's me doing a weird pose because I was trying to show the flower in my hair.
As you can see, I didn't do the traditional geisha make-up... but just... make-up haha.
I got some false lashes from Daiso just a few days before Halloween so I decided to try them out. They turned out to be pretty natural-looking, but nevertheless very dramatic still ;)

I was so happy that Ching dressed up for the party, too!
Even though it's not a full on costume, the fact that she went to get something because I really wanted everyone to dress up makes me feel loved <3

Hi, I'm doing a stupid pose here.

A mini group picture before everyone arrived =]

Group pic!
(Stupid couch was in the way X_X)

My friend was in this super adorable alien costume from Toy Story!
You can't help but to hug him haha.
I told him that if he went clubbing with that costume, he'd get a lot of girls... but he'll also probably suffocate in there D=

And then Ching tried on the costume too.
She looked so cute in it!
She tried to hold Muffin for a picture but he was yelling for help... Muffin was probably freaked out by that costume LOL

Everyone was trying to pet Muffin, so the poor kitty went and sat in a crate in the kitchen for protection hahaha.

One last picture! ^_^

I had a blast this Halloween... but I didn't get to go trick or treating. People probably wouldn't give candies to me anyway though =_=.

Hope you guys all had fun Halloween weekend!

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