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Friday, October 21, 2011

Godiva Halloween chocolates!

I walked by Godiva today and saw that their chocolate gems were 25% off!
After filling a bag with delicious Godiva gems, I saw some super cute chocolate truffles in the display case - the Halloween truffles =D

I couldn't resist and bought all four kinds they had.
I didn't even bother looking at what flavor they were... They looked so pretty I just had to have them lol

Because I didn't even pay attention to what flavor these pretty little truffles were supposed to be, I had to search them up online so I can tell you guys the flavors (and I can just eat them, too, of course, but I want to know their actual names too)

I have not tried them yet because I want to look at them some more *loser*, but I will update this post and tell you what they taste like once I do =]
UPDATE: I've tried them all! I think I got the names wrong so I'll have to update again with the proper names on here.

This was like a white chocolate truffle with a milk chocolate shell.

Death by Chocolate Skull
So gold and shiny!
It's actually a dark chocolate truffle. Very rich chocolate taste.

Almond Chocolate Bat
(Sorry about the blurryness)
Tasted kinda like almond and peanut butter and chocolate.

Caramel Apple Tombstone
White chocolate shell with a liquid green apple caramel filling inside.
The filling went together with the chocolate really well.

I can't believe how excited I get over chocolate...

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