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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To buy or not to buy...

Came across a dress and a jacket that I'm thinking about whether I should buy or not...
If I was balling I'd get them both just like that *snaps fingers* haha, but unfortunately, that is not the case T_T.

Let me start with the super expensive item...

from BCBG Max Azria
in size XXS
Price: It's $398 on the US site but $478 in Canadian stores. Wtf O_o...



*Please excuse how awkward my shoes look because I was stepping on my shoes instead of wearing them.

LOVING: I love the fit of this dress!
It hugs the body nicely and the material is really thick so you don't have to worry about any rolls from your tummy showing or anything. The dress looks very elegant. It's also kinda shimmering, which I love.

HESITATING: I find the length to be a bit long on me because I am so short - which means more spending because I would have to go get this altered. And even though I really love the color, it is a bit on the flashy side so I'm not sure if it will be appropriate to wear on everyday occasions (e.g. to work). The biggest issue is how much this dress costs... If I am not able to wear this dress once in a while, I feel like spending so much money on it is not worth it.

NOW onto a cheaper, more casual wear...

from Garage
in size XS, color hazelnut
(similar available at Kohl's)
Price: $69.90 (but $20 off right now)


I just realized I had a very weird posture... anyway...

LOVING: I really like the color of this jacket, and it has faux fur lining inside, which is really warm and oh so soft. The jacket isn't super plastic-y feeling like some of other faux leather jackets I've tried on.

HESITATING: The sleeves are too long for me. I had to fold them up (they are already folded up in these pictures). The sleeves are also too big near the shoulder/arm part, so when I bend my arm backwards, there is a funny lump of extra fabric.

I was surprised that I found something I liked there because I haven't shopped at Garage for a really long time... I went in there today with some friends because we were killing time.

Since we are speaking about this jacket from Garage, I should tell you guys that they are having a sale right now =]
There is an additional 30% off on sale merchandise and extra $20 off on outerwear. Here's their website if you're interested in checking their stuff out:
(I'm totally doing a free advertisement for them right now =_=)

Well that's all now =]

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