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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A day with Ching & Oscar

Done my midterm this morning! So relieved =]
After classes, I spent most of my day with Ching.

But before I talk about that,
Happy birthday again, dear! <3

Sooo... it was really sunny and we brought Oscar to a nearby park for a walk. He was super excited... In fact, so excited that he was shaking LOL. It looked kinda scary at first because I thought he was cold or something.
Here's the beautiful park on a beautiful day =D

Happy Oscar

Like a small puff of fur! Hahaha. SO cute!

Aside from being entertained by watching the little puff-ball run around, we also saw some pretty interesting things at the park...
Like these trees with super spikey leaves O_O
These trees are apparently called Monkey Puzzle. I have never heard of them before...

We also saw these gigantic red mushrooms.
They looked super poisonous...

More weird trees... But this time, it is not "nature's" weirdness.
These trees were painted blue by people. We were wondering why... lol

Near the end of the walk, Oscar was being carried back to the car like a little baby XD

After the walk, Oscar was still really energetic while Ching and I were tired and hungry LOL (super fail).
I had a sudden craving for the teppanyaki at Aberdeen so we went to eat Teppan Kitchen.

I ordered the beef teppanyaki with rice =]

And here's Ching's katsu with rice

Both were sizzling good. Mmm...
We also did a little attempt at finding a costume for her but couldn't find any. I think we need to dedicate a day to go different places to search for a good costume ;)

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