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Friday, September 2, 2011


Three days in one post again... but this time, it's all about food =9
Honestly, I have not done much during these past few days. I just bummed around and ate lol.

Tried the new Mini Snow Skin Mooncake with crunchy bits inside by Maxim.

This was what the packaging looked like.
I tried the chocolate flavor.

And the mooncake... all iced up lol

And the inside of the mooncake.
See those two brown spots? Those were the crunchy bits inside.

I found the mooncake to be nothing special.
There was hardly any chocolate taste (or maybe it just so happened that this flavor was a fail). The crunchy bits were a nice touch to it, though.
I am not a very big fan of mooncakes, so I can say that I wouldn't eat this again... but may try the other flavors from this "series" of crunchy bits mooncakes if someone else offers XP.

I was going to downtown to return a blazer that I bought before but turned out to be too big.
To my pleasant surprise, I saw this outside Pacific Center!

Osa Tako
A mini food cart selling takoyaki =D

Of course, I couldn't just walk by it as if I didn't see it...
So I decided to order something.
This was their menu. They even put effort into giving you a story behind each flavor, haha.

The owner (or I assume he was the owner) was so nice. I asked if we could pick more than one flavor and he gave us at least one of each flavor in our order - we ordered 7 pieces but there were only 5 flavors.
He said normally, he only lets people pick one flavor. I felt so special LOL

The nori flavor was like the normal/original takoyaki flavor, which was tasty =]
The cheese flavor didn't turn out to be too exceptional because I could not taste the cheese at all lol.
And the curry flavor was really yummy.
Didn't try the other two flavors because Jackie ate them haha.

The takoyaki was so good =9
I will definitely go back to buy more.

I was watching movies the entire day... how productive X_X.

Finally... I couldn't stand it anymore because it was so sunny out, so I asked Jackie to go take a walk with me outside.
We just stepped out the door and then I heard the ice cream truck! It just turned into our cul-de-sac!

Lol I ran to it like a LG

We both bought something XD
Jackie got the M&M ice cream bar and I got the Rico n' Lola fruit bar in watermelon.

It's one of those things where you know the food you are paying for isn't going to be super amazing, but you buy it anyway because you are so happy at the moment and because it makes you feel like a kid again.

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