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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pink & White happy nails

Yay! New nails =D
Why am I calling these nails "happy nails"? I'm not sure... but I think it's because they somehow remind me of carnivals... so they are happy *complete nonsense*.

Here's a crazily photoshopped picture of my nails to make my hand look dreamy LOL

Because I was so bored... I actually took pictures during the process of me doing these nails in an attempt to make a very simple tutorial? So if you are interested, please read on =D
And I hope I'll do a good job at explaining the steps as well.

STEP 1: Paint on your base color.
Choose your base color. Because the tips of the nails in this design are white and silver, any color should work well as your base color =]
Here, I am using OPI Passion (3 coats).

STEP 2: Paint a slanted tip.
Take your white nail polish (or another color, if you prefer) and paint diagonally, covering the tips of your nails.
Start from the middle at one side of your nail and slant towards the top of the other side.

STEP 3: Thin glittery stripes.
Wait for the white tips to completely dry.
Then, take a nail polish with a thin brush for decorating purposes, and paint stripes vertically on the white parts only.

STEP 4: Add your bling.
Take your bling of choice, and stick them onto the part where your base color and white tips create a line.
I just used a clear nail polish to act as glue to stick my little gem/stone things on my nails.
If you don't have any gems/stones to add to your nails, you can paint over where the bling is supposed to be with glitter nail polish =]

STEP 5: Top coat.
Cover your nails with your trusty top coat polish to make sure your pretty bling doesn't fall off, and you are done!

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