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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adonia Tea House

Using up one of those online voucher things I bought a while ago today.
Jackie and I went to try the desserts at Adonia Tea House. (For the longest time, I kept calling it Adonica Tea House though lol)

Arrived only a bit late of our reservation!
See that empty spot at the window? That was our spot XD

The atmosphere inside was really nice. Victorian feel with all the fancy wallpapers and super nice tea cups =D

Me, the poser, who is pretending to be drinking from the cup lol.

The lighting inside was very dim for my phone so the following picture turned out extremely red. I already tried to color correct it in ps but my skills are very limited...

Our first desserts...
The Dessert Trio

Panna Cotta
This was yummy =]
It was my first time trying Panna Cotta despite seeing it so many times on menus in different restaurants. Not a disappointing first time at all.

Chocolate Mousse
Bleh. Nothing special. And both Jackie and I did not like the jam that was inside.

Fruit Tart
This was a huge disappointment. I didn't like it... The crust tasted like stale sugar cookie and the custard inside was so bland.
To be brutally honest, the fruit tarts are asian bakeries are 50x better... and are at a fraction of the price.

Chocolate Souffle
Mmm... I loved this the most out of everything we had this evening.
It wasn't too sweet, and was very chocolatey, with the perfect melted center =9

Ice Cream Trio
Nothing special at all. And the passionfruit sorbet had a chunk of ice in it.
What a ridiculous high price for this.

After dessert, we went to Boston Pizza to pick up our take-out order because we didn't have a proper dinner beforehand.
Who says you can't have dessert before a meal? XP

Holding the fatty take-out from Boston Pizza

Look at this fatty goodness.
Why do tasty foods have to be so bad for your body? =(

I've got to stop with all this crazy eating... and actually stop eating out in general - at least for a while. Not only because it is bad for my wallet, it is so bad for me too. My face is getting rounder and rounder by the day... and my pants are getting tighter and tighter X_X

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