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Monday, September 12, 2011

Balance the bad with some good

On Thursday, I was planning to go Science World to see their dinosaur exhibit, but they changed their hours and was going to be closed in less than half an hour by the time we arrived there... So we decided to shop at Metrotown instead - it was only a 15 minute skytrain ride =P.

We shopped until 8:30pm and went to try the all-you-can-eat at Sushi Garden.
It was horrible. I regret suggesting to try the restaurant =_=.

I took a picture of their menu so I can remember the dishes so I can complain about them lol.

Here's a picture of some of the food we ordered...

Now, I will talk about the food individually (I'll try to describe them the best I can without being too harsh):
  1. Miso Soup: I found this to be ok, but Jackie said it tasted like it was watered down.
  2. Green Salad: Way too much sauce. But the dish is pretty decent if you scoop away some of the extra sauce.
  3. Ebi Sunomono: This was alright... But you can't really screw up this dish. It had only one tiny piece of baby ebi.
  4. Agedashi Tofu: Possibly the worst agedashi tofu I have ever tasted. They were kinda cold and really soggy. The outside, which is supposed to be crispy, was a gross mushy texture. The inside (the tofu part) was hard. Fail.
  5. Dynamite Roll: Gross. The shrimp tempura inside is cold and the crispy batter was soggy - just like the agedashi tofu.
  6. Chicken Karaage: This was decent. It was at least hot when it came to our table and the inside of the chicken wing was juicy.
  7. Beef Teriyaki: I thought teriyaki dishes are supposed to cooked more like teppanyaki style? But the beef looked + tasted like it was just boiled in water and had sauce poured over it.
  8. Vegetable Teriyaki: Same issue as the beef teriyaki.
  9. Deep Fried Gyoza: Bleh. Nothing special. However, they helped you "pre-dip" these in vinegar, which I didn't like.
  10. Vegetable Tempura: These were decent. Surprisingly, the tempura batter was not soggy like the batter in the dynamite roll and the agedashi tofu.
  11. Creamy Corn Croquette: This was chewy. Wtf. It is supposed to be deep-fried so it is crispy. Why is it freakin chewy???
  12. Scallop Motoyaki: It had a really strong "fish" smell. And the scallops inside were kinda hard.
  13. Seafood Fried Rice: Disgusting. Maybe because I don't like salmon... but even Jackie hated it, and he loves salmon. The rice was not "fried rice" at all. It was like normal cooked rice mixed with a bunch of stuff.
  14. Mango Pudding: It was ok... but not worth another order. The pudding was too hard.
  15. Fresh Fruits: What they mean by that is slices of oranges. This was the best dish out of all the dishes we ordered that night.

We ordered more than that, but I didn't taste everything.
To sum it up, the food was so bad that we had to secretly wrap some in napkins and throw them away in the washroom to avoid being charged extra.
The all-you was $13.95 per person but there is no way in hell it is worth that amount.

On a positive note, though, I got myself an adorable Buzz Lightyear figurine thing from one of those gatchapon machines XD.
Isn't he cute?

After a horrendous night of bad sushi, we made it up by going to Kiriri the following night XP.
Let me just post the pictures and let them speak for themselves (actually, it's because I am tired from typing all those complaints about the sushi at Sushi Garden).

Salmon Sashimi

Chopped Scallop Roll
The corn went together with the chopped scallops really well.

Black Cod Miso

Dynamite Roll
This was different from other dynamite rolls. They put a spicy mayo inside.
The roll was super tasty, though. The tempura was freshly made =9

Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Red Bean
Looks very nice, but it actually didn't taste like anything special lol

Green Tea Creme Brulee
I just had to order this again. So good =D

That sums up my two days of sushi-ing... But I'm still craving spider rolls O_o

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