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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Visiting a Buddhist Temple

Kinda random, but, my friend brought me to a Buddhist temple in Richmond. Like she said, the place was like a park. It was so beautiful.
She was there for spiritual purposes while I was just there being amused and taking pictures lol.

The temple has been here for a long time, but my family and I are not religious, I don't visit these places. So call me ignorant if you will =_=.

The entrance.

Some pictures of the place... of the many that I took.

Look at pretty it is!

And there were these super pretty flowers too.

There was a mini fountain/shrine at the parking lot, and there was this gazebo with beans hanging down from the top!
I found it so interesting lol. I wonder if those beans are edible...

After this mini adventure (at least for me, it was a mini adventure), I went on a random shopping spree on nail polish... and then went to eat at a place that I haven't been to for years... but I'll blog about that next time =P

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