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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nail Polish Haul + BBT

I said I was gonna blog about the nail polishes I got and going to a place I haven't been to for years... So here is my entry... If you want to skip the nail stuff and just want to look at pictures of food/drink, keep scrolling down ^_^".

After going into Sephora and buying a bottle of extremely pretty nail polish. I have gone a search for sparkly, shimmering polish today.

This was the one I got from Sephora a couple days ago.
SEPHORA by OPI - Only Gold For Me

China glaze
Left: Skyscraper
Right: In the City

Left: DS Glow
Right: DS Reserve

Left: Up Front & Personal
Right: Passion

And then I wanted to try on these new babies so I decided to do some on-the-spot nail decoration LOL.
Turned out so Christmasy. Looks so bad on picture but it look super glittery and shimmery in real life. Very bright. You need sunglasses to look at these nails. I'm going to wipe these off tomorrow... Maybe I'll do these nails for Christmas this year, haha.

After trying on nail polish with my dear Chch, we started craving for tofu pudding (don't know if that what it's called in English), so we went out to get some...
Unfortunately, because it was a weekday, the place we intended to go to (好好豆品) was closed early =(
We decided to go to any dessert or bubble tea place to see if they had tofu pudding.

While we were searching for a place to eat, I saw this car's great parking spot.

See. That's when you know you are in Richmond. You have these Asian drivers making up their own parking spots... Parking wherever the hell they feel more convenient parking at. They also make up their own parking spots in the crammed up parking lot behind these restaurants, but I didn't take a picture of that. Honestly, as if the parking lot wasn't crammed enough, they have to go and park as they please.

Another reason why you know you are in Richmond is because of things like these:
LOL! Asianized Pasta.

Then, of course, we ended up at a bubble tea place because Richmond is infested with these little joints and there was really nowhere else to go.
We ended up going to Twinkle 2 - somewhere I haven't been to for years, literally.

They have their own little mascot thing now.

Lol. They even sell these figures of their mascot.
It looks like a mix of Doraemon and Spongebob Squarepants...

They had some interesting drinks where we don't see at other bubble tea places, so we tried those.

Here's mine:
Taro pudding milk tea

And Chch's:
Sesame tofu milk tea

I liked how they put the pudding and the tofu pudding on the side instead of having them in the cups already.
They even put the syrup on the side, which I also liked because both Chch and I don't like our food or drinks too sweet =]

Yes, I had to take pictures of us putting our puddings into our drinks lol.

Putting my pudding into the milk tea didn't taste anything special, and the hot milk tea just melted the pudding very quickly, so I decided to eat the pudding separately instead of dumping it into my drink.

We also ordered takoyaki.
These were some really good takoyaki. They put the Taiwanese garlic sauce into the takoyaki, which made the takoyakis really tasty.
In fact, the takoyaki was so good that we had to order another plate of them XD.

All these outings to places to eat midnight snacks are so bad for me... I need to stop doing this.
I just don't know why it always happens to be around midnight whenever I'm eating with people.

Anyway... that's it for this entry of nail polish and food, which has no relevance to each other lol.
Have a nice day lol ^u^

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  1. <3<3<3~ omg! I love ur nail polish~ its time to do our nails =D


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