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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Days Packed with Crazyness


Our little wine and cheese party. We started off just drinking and eating cheese and bread. So classy. As more people joined, more wine was added... and we ended up having eight bottles of wine to share amongst the twelve of us lol.

Look at them cheese =9

Group pic!
Missing two people though =(


It was Hinson and Vincent's combined birthday party!
The night was so fun... so fun that I only have a blurred memory of what was happening by the end of the night =_=.

We were taking a picture of just girls, but Hinson wanted to join, of course haha.

Our crazy group photo!
Actually, there were crazier ones, but I think I should keep those private ;)

Homemade flaming lambo

Doing a little rewinding back to the start of the party... here's me + Andre. I like this pic of us XD
This was before I started looking stupid... before the drinking began.

I went to bed when the birds were already out chirping and the sun was about to rise... Hence waking up at 5pm today. Sigh... good bye, proper sleep schedule.
But I guess it's all worth it, since I had a lot of fun during these past two days with really fun people =D

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