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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Discovered a yummy restaurant

My family and I were planning to eat out for dinner, but when we got to the restaurant, it was closed. I guess because it's a Sunday.
I honestly don't get why restaurants close early - they're not shopping malls, people eat dinner every day but people don't shop every single day. What I don't get even more is that some restaurants will close just when it gets to the peak hours. Like Takeya at Blundell for example... it closes at 8pm. Wtf?

Anyway... enough ranting...
Since the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, we randomly went to a Japanese restaurant that we have never been to before. It's called Kiriri.
I have to say that I'm glad that we stumbled onto this little restaurant today. I wish I knew about this place earlier. The food is really good *u*

Started off with salmon sashimi, which I did not eat. But I'm guessing it was good because the sashimi was gone in a minute lol.

Salmon Tartar
Another dish that I don't eat, but I ordered it for my parents to try.
There were little mango pieces at the bottom that you can't see in this picture. That was the only part of this dish I tried and it was good, haha.

Black Cod Miso
Omg. This. Was. Amazing.
The fish was so perfectly cooked and marinated. It almost felt like it melts in my mouth =9
My favorite dish of the night.

This was yummy too. The soup (which I forgot to take a picture of) was so flavorful and the dish was so good when the deep fried udon soaked up the soup.

Kani Special
Dungeness crab. You can't go wrong with that.
This was so good!!!

Spider Roll
The best spider roll I've ever had. No joke.
The soft shelled crab was not too salty and super crunchy. Nom nom nom.

Cream Anmitsu
My brother's dessert. I didn't try this because I was too busy eating my own LOL.

Green Tea Creme Brulee
It had a different name on the menu but I forgot what it was.
The creme brulee was SO GOOD. Too bad it was such a small portion. I'll be coming back for more lol

Mmm... just posting and looking at these pictures makes me want to go back there right now and eat some more. I'll go back for sure. Hopefully soon, haha. I just wish their food was in bigger portions.

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