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Friday, August 19, 2011

Random eat out day

One of those days where I had all three meals of my day outside... which adds up to a lot of money spent.
Sometimes, I don't even know how this kinda thing can happen because I keep telling myself that I need to save up and eat home-cooked meals more.

Any who... I had my breakfast (actually, brunch) at Boston Pizza. Lol. Such an unhealthy choice to have such greasy food entering my tummy first thing I wake up...

Goat Cheese and Spinach Dip
We requested to have tortilla chips instead of bread to go along with the dip.

French Onion Soup
They changed the onion soup. It used to be SUPER cheesy...
Now it has very little cheese and has some tomato sauce on the cheese wtf =_=

And randomly...
A camwhore photo of myself. LOL

Then we went to try the "famous" beef noodle soup at Aberdeen, called Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodles.

We both ordered the same thing - the famous award-winning beef noodle soup, but with a not spicy soup base.

The noodles were alright...
The only part of the dish I really liked was the beef brisket. I will not pay $10 for a bowl of noodle that quality =_=. No offense but I don't see how that could be award winning food. For $10, I'd rather go downtown and have some heavenly ramen instead =P

Anyway... we walked around the mall and saw this mini Egypt exhibit thing.

The display was made out of M&M's!!

Hahaha. I thought this was funny. I wonder if people actually tried to reach in there to grab the M&M's to eat.

Another pic of the not-so-edible pharaoh statue.

Not too long after dinner, we went to Kamei Royale to have some drinks.

Calpico Mojito
This was pretty good =]
I would order one and finish it myself but I'm not too fond of minty drinks (or food for that matter).

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Strawberry Margarita
Nothing like a margarita, but it was so good!
It tasted like an alcoholic strawberry smoothie.

And of course, the one thing we order every single time we are there...
Chicken wings.

*Abrupt end to entry because I am too lazy to end it nicely - not that I do that usually anyway lol.

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