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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BBQ at Buntzen Lake

Went to Buntzen Lake to barbeque on Saturday with two groups of friends.
It was a beautiful day, and the lake was beautiful too. I like lakes better than beaches... you don't get that yucky sticky feeling after you get out from the water.

Anyway... look at the prettyness!
Too bad the sparklyness could not be captured on camera.

Not too long after Ching and I arrived, one of our friends arrived... with ICE CREAM! =9
Eating ice cream before eating the actual BBQ food lol

Grill grill grill..

Lol... burnt food.
I made the skewers! So proud that they turned out okay even though I randomly made up a marinade sauce on the spot. I did the skewers the night before the BBQ... I was so tired from work and just kinda did whatever. At least no one died, haha. Jokes >_<

More food =D
Yummy mushrooms, shrimps and asian goodness.

Ching and I at the lake.
We were standing in the water... but our legs are cut off in the pic so you can't see =(

Camwhoring time

People are where the food is.

Finishing off by filling our tummies with marshmallows =D

We also had these inflatable boats that we rode out to the waters but we didn't bring our phones/cameras out in case we were to fall in lol... so no pics of that =(
There were also a lot of dogs playing in the water on the "dog side" of the lake. They were so cute. I wish I had a dog lol.
It was a fun day. I wish summer never ends.

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  1. lol havent been to ur blog for sooooooo long! it was fun to bbq altho it was soooooooo FAR and bbq ho "hot air" =P and thanks for giving me a ride that day! =D we r awesome didnt get lost ~~


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