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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bubble Tea Day

My day has been invaded by Taiwanese food today...
Started off by going to lunch. We were planning to go to a ramen place at first, but when we got there, it was closed. So we went to eat at Bubble World on Capstan Way.

Strawberry Watermelon Slush
Yummy. So refreshing on such a hot sunny day =]

Pearl Milk Tea

Meat Sauce + Noodles
Lol. Sorry for giving this such a lame name but I forgot what they named it at the restaurant.
It was good, though. And really cheap too.

After a filling meal, we had to digest it away. So NC and I went to take his dog for a walk.
Look how excited Honey is to be taken out on a walk XD

We walked Honey to the playground.
And we let him play on the slide.

Haha. He was so cute. He went down the slide himself!

After the walk... it was time for a second round of bubble tea =_=, but this bubble tea gathering was planned... not because we went there because another place was closed.
Rebecca and I went to Pearl Castle at Richmond Center to meet up with some friends we haven't seen for almost 10 years XD

Pudding Milk Tea
This didn't have the caramel-y taste that pudding milk tea usually has...
I think pudding milk tea tastes better with the caramel taste.

Passionfruit Slush

Meat Sauce + Dried Noodle
Despite its name, the noodles were not dry at all.
This dish was pretty good.

LOL I have no idea what this was... I forgot to ask my friend what he ordered.
But the cup was so fat and cute so I took a picture of it.

Fried Squid
I asked the server if the squid was squid tentacles or the rings of squid. She said they were the rings.
I ordered it and got these triangular shaped squid pieces... She lied.

Seafood Mini Hot-Pot

Green Mango + Grass Jelly
Another drink in those fat, cute cups.

Me + Dan
We used to be almost the same height...
He is so tall now! And I was wearing heels in this picture too >_<

Group pic!
Half of us were posers, I guess =P

It was so nice to see some old friends again... it's been almost 10 years... I feel old for saying this, but, time passes by so fast.
After everybody else left, Rebecca and I camwhored outside because my phone has an awesome app LOL

I look chubby in this one, but you look good. So I uploaded it. I am so nice.

And then, out of nowhere, we decided to go take sticker pictures.
I guess because we were feeling like having a nostalgic night (LOL sounds so retarded). Haven't done sticker pictures for such a long time, but it was so fun =D

Time for more pics of us. Yipee *u*

And of course, you can't end a night without having dessert.
We went to Leisure Tea to have more food after taking sticker pictures.

Tuna Crepe
She was having a craving for crepe instead of dessert, haha.

Ice Cream Waffles
Finally satisfying my craving for waffles after wanting it for the past week!
But their waffles weren't exceptionally good. I like the ones at What8ver and WE Coffee better.

End of night... We were both tired, but it was only 11:30pm - not even. Wtf. We are getting so old.

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