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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beach + Gastown

It is finally starting to feel summery here!
Started off the day by going to Jericho Beach with Jackie.

I love this picture of us. We both look good, hahaha.

We walked around, and then this super friendly guy came over to offer to help us take pictures.
And then all of a sudden... he said "let me get a good shot of you guys with the lady lying down"... I was like wtf. I don't want no stranger laying on the beach as my background =_=...
Thank goodness... he didn't mean a real person laying on the beach...

Can you guys see the "lady lying down" in this scene? XD

Hahahaha. We never knew how much those mountains looked like a lady lying on her back until the friendly man told us. Interesting.

Then we walked down to the floating dock.
So many people sailing (it's called sailing, right?), and peddling on those surf board things. I don't know what they're called but I want to try.

Tied up my hair while we were on the dock because the wind was blowing my hair into my mouth...

We were walking back and we saw bunnies. Lots of bunnies.
I liked this one in particular so I had to take a picture of it, lol.
It was so cute and fluffy X3

And I was trying so hard to get the bunny to come towards me... but I failed.
The following are pictures of me failing to make friends with the bunny... captured by Jackie. T_T

"Maybe I can lure it with some grass!"

Bunny ignoring me...

Bunny running away when I tried to walk closer =(

After a fun time at the beach, we met up with our dearies to grab some drinks at Gastown after dinner =]

We went to a place called The Diamond because it has pretty good reviews on Yelp.
Sorry, the picture quality below are disgusting because the bar was so dark... and I didn't have a proper camera, so I had to make do with the crappy iphone flash.

I forgot what this was called... but it was pretty good.
I liked this drink the best out of all the cocktails we had.

The Gastown
This tasted super similar to the previous drink, except with a hint of grapefruit.

This drink also tasted super similar to the above drinks... but of course, with a hint of orange instead of grapefruit this time.

Crab & Corn Soup
I did not enjoy this soup... It smelled really good, but tasted like hot sauce and milk, with some crab meat.

Group piccie.

Outside. Goose and I trying to look taller than usual... =_= hahaha.

We also went to Manzo afterwards to eat some more O_O. Wtf is wrong with us.
Anyway... I was super tired by the end of the night. I must be getting too old... Sigh.


  1. ... lol the mountains is so catchy after I knew wat it looks like...I wanna enjoy the summer too >_< I have to be patient... ><"

  2. hahah it took me a few second trying to imagine the mountain as a lady lying down lol cool stuff!!
    hahaha i wish goose is this tall xDD

  3. @Ching: Don't worry, you're almost done! =D

    @Eva: LOL. I'm sure he wish he were this tall too. Too bad he small goose. hahahahaha


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