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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sleeping in + food = Happy date

I failed to wake up for class today and slept in and finally got some rest after a whole week of not sleeping well.
I woke up, got dressed, and went out on a happy date X3.

Camwhoring while waiting for Jackie.
I like yellow. Lol.

Jackie said that he saw this ramen place from a magazine, so we went to check it out.
It's called Benkei and it's located on Broadway.

Really cute deco light-up painting thing:

Here come our ramen!

Miso Ramen
Sadly, looks can be deceiving.
The broth looks so thick and yummy but it really lacked the miso taste.

Curry Ramen
The broth was a bit too thick in this one. It was more like a curry paste than a curry soup.
And the chicken in the ramen was weird...

Both the ramens were average, and the amount of ingredients in the ramen was so limited.
I guess this place is worth a try if you feel like having a small portion of ramen.

Compared to Kintaro or Motomachi Shokudo, this place is far from close (speaking of ramen quality).
However, it has a comfortable place to sit at and it looks like a restaurant... so you're not sitting on a hard, wooden bench like at Kintaro or Motomachi. And you won't feel like you are rushed to eat and leave.

Another positive thing about Benkei is that they give you a stamp card...? Lol.

After our ramen lunch, we decided to stop by at my favorite super market.
LOL I know... I have a favorite super market. Don't judge =_=.

Hello, Whole Foods! I am back. Again.
Looking at their food makes me wanna eat again.

I immediately went to my favorite section of the super market...
The pastry and desserts =9

I love the cupcakes here!
Look at how beautiful they are *u*

Couldn't resist and bought cupcakes for ourselves.
(I end up buying something every time I come here >_<)

Me, standing retardedly and holding my yummy cupcake.

I have yet to try the gelato here.
Don't worry, gelato. I will come back for you. Very soon.

And then we walked to Yaletown to eat at the Keg for dinner.
By the time we got there, we were exhausted and hungry. Perfect timing.

Crab, Parmesan and Spinach Dip
Lol... I get this every time I come to the Keg. So boring of me... but it's so good.

Seafood & Sirloin
Don't freak out. I know, the portion looks horrendously small, but that's because we split this main course between two people ;)
The sirloin was good, but I found the seafood (the lobster, scallop and shrimp) to be a bit too salty.

And what better way to end the day than to come home with goodies? XD

I've been searching for sandals for summer, and I found these today at Brown's!
Pretty Michael Kors sandals.
They didn't have my size, so I tried on a size up. Surprisingly, they fit alright (a little loose)... so out comes the wallet D=

I heard that they've opened up a Michael Kors at Pacific Center, so I dragged Jackie there with me.

I saw the SUPER pretty bag!
It was my favorite color combination - ivory + tan/brown + gold.
Omg... I was drooling over the bag. (Ok, no I wasn't.) So I took this home too...
(Available online here)

Such a coincidence that both things I bought today are from Michael Kors, but from different stores.
However, thanks to my super random shopping spree, I am not allowed to buy anything for the next month - because my stupid job is giving me such shitty hours =_=.
At least I'll be working tomorrow to help cancel out some of the debt I've added onto my credit cards today.


  1. aww I love the sandal! This is what I am exactly looking for!!! and you got it!!!!!! I really wanna do some shopping!!! I hate this semester! I hope school ends tmr haa

  2. oh btw I dun like Benkei... their soup base is very salty!

  3. Haha yea I didn't like the ramen there either. I'd rather pay like $2 more and eat ramen on Denman instead XD


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