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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Macau day 2

Second day in Macau.
We started the day by lining up to try some famous shark fin soup XD.

Shark fin for breakfast... yum. Haha.Right after that, we went for dim sum... very good dim sum.Then, we walked around.
It was such a beautiful day with beautiful scenery... this photo almost looks like a painting.While walking around, we kept eating little things here and there.
By the time it was dinner, I had to share a bowl of wonton noodle with my brother because we were so full.

And... on the way back to Hong Kong.
Bye, bye, Macau!Surprisingly, when we got back to Hong Kong, we all went to eat McDonald's. LOL.
It's gonna be hell trying to lose all the pounds I've gained, starting from the intense eating in Shanghai...


  1. we fight!
    we fight!
    we fight! we fight! we fight!
    fight! fight! fight! fight! fight!
    The itchy and scratchy show!


    posted by Homer J. simpsons

  2. cant wait til u r bak !


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