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Monday, August 2, 2010

Macau day 1

I went to Macau with my family today.
The weather was nice, but our hotel was nicer XD.

The hotel was really pretty for its price =D
After a bit of rest at the hotel, we headed out and started our Macau day one eating adventure lol.
First stop, famous Macau pork chop bun!

Then we went to this other super nice hotel.
It had an indoor mini river where people could ride in the boats and the boatmen (if that's what they're called...) sang songs to you XD

For dinner, we went to 六記 to try their congee. Apparently, it was recommended by two of those food tv shows.
We ordered a couple of dishes and all of them were soooo yummy... thinking about the congee now makes me hungry...

水蟹粥Street food!! Looked so yummy. I was too full to try any though =(In between our meals, we were eating non-stop. There is so much food to try!

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