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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buffet & buffet

Started off the day with a paper-cut T_T...
I was trying to help my brother open these boxes and I stupidly cut myself with the cardboard.

I've never gotten such a deep paper-cut before... lol
We went for an afternoon tea buffet at Tsim Tsa Tsui.
There was such a great variety of foods at the buffet. And it was good stuff too XD
Not that I eat any of these... but they had "little lobsters", shrimps, oysters, different sashimi... I normally don't expect those to appear in buffets, haha.

Shrimps and "little lobsters"OystersDessertttttttt =D
After the tea buffet, I went to karaoke... and there, we had another buffet.
Two buffets in a day. Lol.

Going to Macau with family tomorrow.
I'm excited XD. My auntie says there are lots of good stuff to eat =9

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  1. Oh no, hope your paper cut is not too deep la.
    Take care of yourself ar haha

    Homer J. Simpsons


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