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Friday, July 30, 2010

Less walking, more food

I was supposed to bring a shirt back for exchange today, but I noticed that I forgot to bring the shirt with me when I've almost arrived at the place...

So... ended up eating lunch with mommy at Mongkok and then walked around Fa Yuen Gai until we had to meet up for family dindin.

"Hoi Lam" chicken riceLobster risotto =9We went for dessert afterwards.
On the way there, we came across this store that sold these specially-shaped watermelons.
The cheapest one was around $5000 HKD each though O_O...I tried "Tong but luk" for the first time. Yum XD

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  1. so many yummy food, wish i can hv some.

    So tired =.=


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