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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping at outlet mall

My auntie and uncle brought us to the outlet mall in Dong Chong today.

We stopped by the Disneyland gift shop on the way. Didn't go in the park though... since there isn't anything new there this year.

The stuff was so expensive... so I just took pics with them LOL
Arrived at the Dong Chong outlet mall.
We ate at 一粥麵... And omg... their food was amazing!
The milk tea was served in a bowl of ice instead of putting ice cubes in the cup so the taste isn't diluted. The drink was so smooth and not putting the ice cubes inside actually made a big difference =9Their 腸粉 was also super delicious!
I normally don't like eating 腸粉, but I couldn't stop eating the ones there.Ended up buying a pair of nice Adidas Reebok shoes.
I was gonna buy some ingredients so I could make a mousse cheesecake when I get back, but I was being stupid and I forgot to print out the ingredients list before we headed out so I didn't know what to buy LOL.

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  1. After the yu gap i want some milk tea now =9.
    Bet you bought lot of stitch stuffs already haha.

    more update pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another comment posted by me =D


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