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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Backing up stuff online


I am definitely a very sentimental person. I try to not delete anything if there is space to save everything. This includes things from photos on my computer to even messages on a phone I've had years ago. However, I am not very organized... and I tend to drop my electronics or forget my USBs in random places =(
The most important thing to me are photos, though, because when I look through them, it's like a movie play-back and reliving all the great memories.

I've lost a ton of photos before because of my computers messing up on me and me losing memory cards from cameras... so this is what I have resorted to:

Piles of DVDs with photos in them lol!

Why did I not use an external hard-drive, you ask?
I broke it =_=. I dropped it enough times for my computer to no longer recognize the external hard-drive anymore.

When I look through my old stuff on the internet... like old profiles and blogs, etc, everything is still there. (Of course, only if the hosts did not kill their sites). No need for USBs, CDs, external hard-drives. Everything I wrote, every photo I have uploaded, and every comment my friend posted... everything is there.
Wouldn't it be nice if everything you wanted to save on your computer could be like that? Wouldn't it be nice if they were all saved securely online, accessible only to you whenever you want? You don't have to worry about losing the USBs, or the CDs/DVDs being too scratched...

Guess what? Backup solutions from Backblaze is like that!
They let you upload and store all the files you want online so you don't have to worry about losing anything precious.
They do, however, charge a fee of $5/month (or $3.96/month if you buy 2 years right off the bat). My first reaction was... Eww. You have to pay? Psssh. I could just burn my photos onto my growing mountain of photo DVDs, or I could just store the stuff on my USBs.
But you know what... DVDs only hold 4G, and even though USBs can hold much more than 4G of data, I tend to lose them because they are so small. When I think about all those photos and videos I lost when my computer went crazy on me, paying that $3.96 seems like nothing. It is totally worth it to pay the price of a cup of Starbucks each month to make sure your stuff (in my case, photos) will not be gone forever.

Are there any online backup services you guys use?
If not, how do you store your stuff? (On DVDs and USBs like me?) =]

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