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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Photo Journal 4

I know!... I am so horrible for updating so little, but that will change... because tomorrow is my last final! Yay!
Then I can start enjoying the holiday =D (Aside from work, of course.)

To be honest, I have not done much this entire term because I was so home-bound thanks to school. I am actually quite proud of how I was able to discipline myself enough to go to classes instead of skipping to chill with my friends ;)

To start off my photo journal of not many events, here's a camwhore pic of me ;D
It was my second last time volunteering at the middle school I had to complete hours at in order to get credit for a course.
The kids there are either the same height as me or taller lol!
So every time I go to that middle school, I couldn't dress casually... or I'd look like one of the students D=

While grocery shopping, I saw that these apple crisps things that I love were on sale, so I grabbed two boxes XD
I also saw a box of snacks with that cute bunny wrapping paper, so I grabbed that too... Unfortunately, when I tried the treats inside, they tasted quite disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting...
We were given samples of this new product to try at work. Guess what it is...
It's a frozen persimmon stuffed with vanilla ice cream. I did not like it at all lol.

And this is how I spent my weekend... at Ikea.
I went to Ikea with Jackie while waiting to pick up our car, and we found this huge mouth plushie lol!

Then I saw this display...
Don't those look like gigantic popcorn hanging on top the bed?
They were blankets =_=. Why someone thinks it is a good idea to hang blankets like that on top of your bed is beyond me. What if one becomes loose and drops on your face while you're sleeping? Hahaha

On a random afternoon, I brought Jackie to try this niche Japanese restaurant called Gyo-O.
This was his sashimi salad bowl.

And my garlic seafood ramen!
It could have used more garlic though...

Cozying up with Mitten at night.
He is growing so fast! So fast that he makes a good pillow now XD

While I was working my ass off on one of my projects, Mitten decided that it'd be a good idea to make my posters into his playground lol.
He ended clawing so many little holes in my poster, but I couldn't get mad at him because he's too cute.
I guess that's his revenge for me resting my head on him while he was sleeping.

Tomorrow is Friday!
And like I said, my last exam is tomorrow... I can't wait for everything to be done with! I didn't even have time for shopping therapy and some of my clothes have mysteriously gone missing D=
It's shopping time after exams XD

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