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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Christmas recap!

First of all:

I can't believe Christmas is already here. I'm kinda sad that it's already the 25th today because I didn't want the holiday spirit everywhere to be gone =(
Well, I'm going to recap my Christmas events this post... and because I'm jamming many days together, be WARNED that this post will be IMAGE-HEAVY! (I already left out tons of pics I took over the holidays haha)

Decorating Home //

Here is our not-so-tree-shaped Christmas tree. Hahaha. Its shape is more like a yam than a tree...
But anyway... my mom and I decorated this tree with ornaments and bows =D

My mom tied these lovely bows with gift-wrap ribbon ;)

And here's the vase of red and white poinsettia that she is really proud of lol

The poinsettia were so glittery and super pretty *u*

I had leftover construction paper from a project and recycling them seemed like a waste, so I cut them up and made a snowman Santa with presents XD

I also cut up some snowflakes and I taped my creation onto our door:

My hand was shaking after all the cutting and gluing... I feel like I haven't done so much crafty things since high school.

Christmas Decorations //

I have always loved seeing the malls and the streets decorated during Christmas.
One of the malls had this huge Christmas tree at the entrance. It was so pretty!
This picture doesn't really show how big the tree was... maybe I should have stood beside it.

On my way home from downtown, I saw one of the centres there with this beautiful display:

Horned owl

Snowy owl? Barn owl?
I don't know my owls lol

White peacock

Those decorations were so pretty... I wanted to grab them and take them home haha.

Outside Canada Place, there were Christmas events going on too, but I didn't stop by to see the events because it was raining =(
But I did take a photo of the line of pretty Christmas trees there:

More mall decorations!
I really liked this Christmas tree:

They even had these cute dolls with the display.
To be honest, I thought the dolls didn't look very Christmas-y, but hey, they were cute so who cares.

Activities //

The first thing that came to mind when I wanted to do something festive... was to paint my nails haha!
Here they are: Tri-color super glittery Christmas nails.
I wish you could see how glittery they really are through photos =(

My friends and I went to check out the German Christmas market.
They had lots of neat little things and foods to try... but everything was so freakin expensive.

$50 for a 2-inch little figure... what? Okay, fine. Maybe they were hand-crafted, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind kind of thing, so I guess maybe that is acceptable.
However, the food there was so crazily over-priced! We still purchased the food, though, because we were hungry and it was like a "once in a blue moon" kinda thing since we probably won't be coming back lol.

Cool apple dessert things:

I bought one to try. It was an apple stuffed with apricot and almonds with a creamy sauce.
(If you are wondering why the apple is glowing, it is because I put this pic through an app to make myself look nicer LOL, and it just so happens that it made the apple really bright.)

Here's what the apple looks like when it isn't glowing.
Looks tasty, no? =]

There was also German pasta.
It looks so interesting. We bought a bowl to try and let me say that it was not worth it. It cost around $9 and it was a tiny little bowl and sorry, but the taste was definitely not worth $9.

Don't know what has gotten into us... we kept buying and trying more foods despite the prices.
Beer - $7
Giant pretzel - $5
Were they worth that price? Nope.

Woohoo! Giant gingerbread people at the market!
The picture quality is bad because it started to rain and it got really dark. I had to use photoshop to brighten the picture.

And then a little quality girl-talk time while baking with K and X.
Look at the cookies... I think they look like a grade 4's art project lol

Something a little less art-project-like... red velvet cupcakes!

The first party I went to this holiday was actually a birthday party.
I must say that it is a really small world - bumping into people you already know XP

Hahaha... I came across this at a skytrain station.
A group of clowns singing... I don't know if they were singing Christmas carols though, because I couldn't understand what they were singing lol

Then... one day, I wake up to this:
It was snowing like crazy and everything was covered with snow just overnight.
I couldn't even get to work that day.

And of course, there was an awesome Christmas party with awesome people ^_^
Me and awesome lady!
Too bad she had to leave early =(

This was my absolute favorite photo of the night... maybe even my favorite photo of any Christmas party photos I have ever taken.
We don't look amazingly gorgeous, but I love how it shows our silly friendship!

And lastly,
I am going to end the post with a pic of this really cute gift bag I saw:
Chillin' with my snowmies. Haha.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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