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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bdays recap!

I have been so busy with school and work (and so have everyone else), but I finally got to see some of the best people in the world these past two weeks.

So, last week... it was D's birthday!
A group picture while we were at the restuarant:

Ok... this photo was taken with someone's iphone that had a very dirty lens. It was practically grey to begin with. I had to filter the hell out of the picture before there was some color, but the quality is bad lol

A silly photo XD

And this one was not taken with a crappy iphone camera.
These boys look so freaken gorgeous so I just  had to post this.

One last photo near the end of the night =]
(Again... it was taken with the bad iphone dirty lens and I, again, had to filter this like crazy, so excuse the shitty quality)

And then...
this weekend was dear X's birthday! =D

A mini girls dinner <3 br="br">

Hahaha... I surprised her with an awesome drink ;)
Look at her reluctant expression lol

Hahaha. This was after she had conquered the drink.
She looked like Santa Claus lol

We were super stuffed after dinner and walked around the mall.
We found this cute tree Halloween decoration!

Then, birthday girl brought us to Korean karaoke =D

The lighting was a little strange in there (I found).
The rooms had red lights and disco balls. It felt like we were in a strip club haha

It was such a fun night.
I hate this term for taking away so much of my free time, but it makes me realize how much I love my friends because of how much I miss them >_<

Halloween is here!
It was Halloween party weekend this weekend, but I'm here at home doing a stupid term paper.

How are you celebrating Halloween? What are your costumes? =D

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