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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hauls: My Beauty Diary + Laneige

My skin has been horrible ever since I came back from Hong Kong. I guess the sudden change in moisture in the air made my skin break out.
This is a great time to pamper myself with the ton of skin care products I got from Hong Kong lol.

My Beauty Diary haul:
Mostly sheet masks of different scents I wanted to try. I also bought some smaller packages and other stuff to give away as souvenirs XD

Laneige haul:
Hahahaha. This was not even all of it... But this was not all from me. There was a sale going on, and my auntie and I went and spent like crazy. And some of this was for my mom, too =]

But you know... how needs real skincare products when you have apps that magically makes your skin flawless and glowing, right?

Lol... I was trying out an app that has a "magic skin" function:

Still playing with the app, I tried to see what I'd look like with short hair...

I'm planning to do reviews on the products once I get a chance to try them out.
So far, I've only tried the strawberry peeling gel and the make-up remover from Laneige and I am loving their products. Can't wait to try the other products!

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