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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girl's date!

One of the many favorite things on my list is to have a date with a few close friends and just chill and eat ;D

I went to Browns Social House with two awesome girls a couple days ago. I had driven by Browns before many times but never actually went in to taste their food. I'm glad that one of my friends suggested to go to the location in Burnaby so I got to finally try their stuff.

I love this picture.
The "EAT" on the wall there sums up this whole picture... and my life haha.

Look at this burger. It's almost as big as my face O_O.
I couldn't even fit it in my mouth so it was such a mess to eat, but it was so yummy!

While waiting for our server to get us the bill (which took a while), we camwhored XD

Guess whoooooo

All three of us <3
(I tried to do the wink thing my friend was doing, but obviously I failed LOL)

Us looking so touristy outside.

Finally, we went for bubble tea and dessert at the closest place we found; Pearl drops Tea House.

Their bubble teas were giant.
But other than the size, there was nothing special about them. They didn't taste exceptionally great.

My friend ordered a parfait and it came with some special ingredients...
pieces of paper. (Yes, plural.)
The pieces of paper were not tiny little pieces you can just eat by accident. They were huge pieces. It was as if someone was trying to play a prank on us and slipped paper into the parfait.

Well... I'm going to end my post here because I feel like eating ice cream after looking at that picture =]

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