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Friday, June 8, 2012

Nails: Warm Peacock

Hi all!
Finally, a nail tutorial after so long!

I'm calling this one "warm peacock" because it looks like the tail feathers of a peacock, except instead of the cool blues and greens, my nails have the warm oranges and yellows ;)

This was my first time trying out the toothpick technique. Let me know what you think =]
And if you like this design, keep reading for the tutorial.

STEP 1: Base color.
Using a clear or a pale pink polish, paint your base coat.

*In case you are following this tutorial step by step as you do your nails, please read step #2 - #5 first before you start painting on your nails because you have to do those steps fast enough so that the polish does not dry up in the middle.

STEP 2: White polish.
Take a white nail polish and paint a curved line near the top half of your nail, and another line at the tip.

STEP 3: Yellow polish.
In between the two white lines, paint a yellow line.

STEP 4: Orange polish.
Add an orangey-coral polish at the bottom of all the curved lines.

STEP 5: Strokes with a toothpick.
Take the end of a toothpick and glide it from the middle of your nail to the tip in several strokes to achieve this effect.

STEP 6: Small dots.
Using a toothpick, again, make dots on your nails.

STEP 7: Accent nail.
If you like, you can make the nail on your ring finger an accent nail. Paint it the same color as the dots.

STEP 8: Rhinestones.
As a last little touch, add some red rhinestones to your nails.
And if you made an accent nail, add yellow rhinestones on it.

Then, add a top coat to protect your design and you're done =]

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