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Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is why I love Hong Kong. Delicious food everywhere.

For lunch, we went for breakfast food.

My gigantic ham and egg sandwich.
Super soft bread and foodgasmic eggs TuT

Beef macaroni
I think my brother devoured this in less than a minute or something lol.

Thick toast with condensed milk =]

Normally, there is a long line up to eat at this place, but we went there after lunch hours, so we only had to wait a few minutes.
The place is super busy and the pace is very quick... basically, you get seated and a server is already ready to take your order. The food comes so fast, and they expect you to be out of there very fast too.

Because I eat slow, we were in and out of there in 15 minutes... I think that is considered slow already haha.

Later on, we went to have some dessert and to rest our legs.

My auntie and I shared this combo of mango desserts:

Mango sago with tons of mango

Mango pudding, mango cheescake, mango sorbet

Then... dinner!
Jackie and I went to a restaurant called Butagumi Tonkatsu because I wanted to try that cheesy-looking thing on the front of the menu.

It was so cool because they gave you this grinder thing so you can grind the sesame for your sauce while you wait for the food:

Once you feel that the sesame smells good enough, you pour in the tonkatsu sauce.

And here comes the tonkatsu =D

The dinner set came with this miso soup. It had pieces of pork and the purple jelly thing (as you can see in the photo) inside. Best miso soup I have ever tasted.

More food posts to come XD

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