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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Japanese Food Fair @ Lok Fu

First day after a super long flight:

My brother and I were walking around the Lok Fu mall and we saw these big food displays in different locations around the mall.

To show you how big they were... Here is awkward me with a giant bowl of katsudon.

Giant plate of roasted squid

It was like a treasure hunt...
And here is a giant bottle of sake that can probably get a hundred people drunk.

We found out that the mall was hosting a Japanese food fair and it had just started on the day we arrived in Hong Kong XD
(This was a giant pin my brother found, by the way lol)

Before heading home, we got these cute little bottles of Hokkaido milk pudding =9

So many more nomnomnom days to come. I'm excited XD

And by the way, this is a scheduled post so I will reply to comments the next time I come online!
If you know of any cool events or anything going on in Hong Kong, let me know ;)

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