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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Layover at Narita airport

On the way to Hong Kong, there was a 4-hour layover at the Narita airport in Japan.
There were so many cutesy, interesting things to see that the four hours did not seem to last long haha. (Or maybe I was just easily amused.)

First thing off the plane, I saw this display of Kit Kat chocolates.
So many different flavors I did not know Kit Kat came in!... I really wanted to try the blueberry cheesecake flavor, but that did not come in small boxes and I didn't want to buy such a big box.

Then, these extremely cute bottles caught my eye...
Special flavored sake in small little bottles. Super adorable!

In one of the vending machines, there were the cutest Star Wars key-chains I have ever seen. I did not know Star Wars characters could look so cute.

Time to stuff our bellies...

My brother ordered the beef udon:

And Jackie and I ordered the Narita ramen:

Both were really good, except I thought they were a bit pricey... But we were at the airport, so I guess over-pricing was expected.

Anyway, we still had some time to kill until the flight to Hong Kong, so we walked around some more. And, of course, more cute stuff everywhere.

Look at this pair of cats. Someone should buy me this for my wedding gift one day haha.

Too bad I did not have money to stay a few nights in Japan =(

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