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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun, then study...

SO sorry for not updating... But I was caught up in various things...
There are so many birthdays and events going on in February. And then there was my midterm that I actually spent days studying (I usually am not that hard-working lol). Let me update on a few things =]

First of all...
My dear Eva's birthday!!

This girl had two awesome cakes XD

Isn't this cake so adorable?
I wouldn't have been able to cut into the cake haha

Pics lol

This was when we were waiting for the host to find a knife for the b-day girl to cut the cake lol

Another thing that was keeping me occupied aside from what I've mentioned already is my new room!
I'm going to make my room pink and girly hahaha

and BAM! 3 walls done.
I am leaving one of the walls and giving that wall an even pinker pink. I'm excited to see how the room will turn out XD

And lastly, because I know how much everyone loves food...
Look at THIS!!

Here is the dish with the birthday boy in the picture for comparison so you can all see how huge the dish was.

Despite the wonderful sashimi dish looking so colorful and pretty, I don't eat sashimi so I only got to look lol.

I'm going to leave off here...
Will blog about high tea next post =]

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