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Friday, December 30, 2011

Nails: Glitter and shine for New Years

I am ready for NYE with my new nails. New Years calls for bling bling. Instead of stones, I used glitter and hologram flakes =]
Hope you guys like.

The flakes look more orange in the tutorial pictures because I took those pictures under a different lighting... But either way, photos never do glitter and shine any justice. I wish the glitter could show its glittery-ness in photos too =P

STEP 1: Base color.
I am starting off with a polish color close to my natural nail color.
(Using OPI's Passion. 2 coats.)

STEP 2: White slanted tips.
Paint a slanted white tip on your fingers except the ring finger.
The lower end of the slant should end around the middle of your nail.

STEP 3: Rosy gold glitter.
Paint a rosy gold glitter on top of the white.
I used 2 coats of Forever 21's Sparkly Rose here.

STEP 4: Rosy glitter on accent finger.
Using the same rosy gold glitter, paint your entire ring finger.

STEP 5: More glitter.
Take a polish with bigger pieces of gold glitter/hologram flakes and paint over the rosy gold glitter.
I used OPI by Sephora's Only Gold For Me. Because I really love glitter, I applied 2 coats =D

STEP 6: Hologram flakes.
Take some bronzey-brown colored hologram flakes and line the slant on your fingers.
Then, apply a top coat to protect the glittery goodness and you are ready to show off your nails on NYE ;)

 I hope this tutorial was helpful.
And wishing you all a very happy & exciting new year!

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